Friday, February 3, 2012

So I did Karaoke tonight...

Take a guess at what song I sung:


Really? That song? Nooo...

What is this, 1985? One more guess?

Wasn't that in a porno? Sounds familiar.

OK, I'll tell ya'll. It was this song:

Yes, this is Pearl Jam! Yes, it was 'Black'. No, I didn't pick this song because I'm black.

"I'm Black?"

Yes, a part of me wanted the people to ask themselves, "Really, THIS song? But, you'''re...a ... Bostonian. Why not pick faves, like Sweet Caroline or Journey or Some other common Karaoke song?"

To which I say..."exactly!"

Anyways, I gotta say, I fucking love being on stage! I was butchering the hell out of the song and there's no possible way I sounded anything that was be considered singing (There may also be video...which I hop, never comes to the surface). But, fuck...I loved performing. I mean, like, this is what I should be doing with my life! There was a point when I wasn't on stage. I was in my bedroom, all alone, in front of my mirror, singing my ass off.  And the crowd didn't even have my back. and I still enjoyed it. I can only image the feeling if the crowd was groovin' with me. Makes me wish I had some skill. Because there's no way I won't sing on stage every night! 

But, I can't sing. Aww....but I am kinda funny. This makes me think that I should get back into comedy. I've written so much down over the last six months, that I should be able to perform a solid 5 min set. Hell, my latest shit talked about how black people have no idea how long 5 mins is, which is kinda like how people going on diets underestimate how much they eat, so they can rationalize eating more.

Not very funny when I say it like that, but it could be something.

As I sign off, here's some more music from random rap guy. 

"Unknown rap is where real hip hop lies." - Me

~ Derek

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