Monday, December 29, 2008

I hope this isn't a downer.

I know how much my readers didn't like when I talked about future events, like marriages and such.

But I want to say something about a topic we sometimes think is a distant future event, but can happen at any know what I'm talking about...


Last week, there was a (very sudden) death in my very extended "family" (if I can even call it that). But still, I see how much such a thing like that has created ripples in my life now.

Which makes me think..."how would I react if this death was 'closer' than it was?"

I know this is something we don't wanna think about. But if you ask me, we should be thinking about it all the time. Now in a sad way, but in a 'be happy for now' way.

I can't be the only one to, every now and then, get that 'cold shudder' when they think that at some point, it is GUARANTEED that I'll die (I should point out hear that the state of being dead doesn't scare me, but dying does'). But I rarely think..."I can wake up and by the time I go back to sleep, my _________ (really, REALLY close relative and/or friend) can be dead." Especially when someone has already died (because it always feels like death happens in groups. So, you think about the next one to go).

But anything I think about was how sudden this death was. And it wasn't an accidental was a health related death. Unless you run marathons on your spare time, you have to think about your own health. I mean, I think about college and I am surprised I am as healthy as I am now. In college, I ate a lot of shit. I was able to get my health under control, but I still have to think,your body is fickle. Something can happen in the blink of an eye. If you're not ready...shit...

I'm 25, turning 26. I used to think I had years and years, 20, 30 maybe 40 (barring anything accidental happening). Now, I can be as safe and cautious as humanly possibly and still be gone in 10.

10 years is not a very long time...

I don't really have anything to say as a response to this...I guess I just needed to get it off my chest for awhile. I guess...I'm just saying...


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hot off the presses

I created a new beat...

Friday, December 26, 2008

I should have known...

I should have known this beat was sampled. It was way too ill to be original:

Listen to around 2:30.

Sometimes, I like to listen to the original works that inspired samples. I never understood why people always talked about how good music was back then (OK, I kinda did understand. But my understanding is MUCH better now).

Tell me you don't feel like single the Oooos at 1:25...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is in 2 days...

...and this motherfucker came and went like a John during lunch break.

I swear, in years past, Christmas would last damn near 6 weeks. This year, Christmas barely had it's 12 days. I wonder if this minor economic downturn had anything to do with that. I think more and more people are doing their Christmas shopping later and later. Today, I went to the Mall to get a few cards and a Xmas hat and it took me 50 minutes. 30 of which I was finding parking and then trying to leave the structure. Hint...if the mall has a relatively non-maneuverable parking situation, expect to be there longer than 1 hour.

It sad though. Every year, Christmas is becoming more and more NOT like the Christmases of old. Remember when you went to sleep, excited as all hell? Waking up, to unwrap 5, 6, 7 or even as high as 10 presents? All cool shit, like video games, toys, etc. That joy was great. Now, you'll get a crapload of cards (of which you couldn't care less about), maybe a present or two. I guess it could be worse, I could be getting nothing at all. But thank goodness for Swaps/grabs. Get one gift, give one gift. Works for me.

Once I get through Christmas, I absolutely have to start making plans for New Year's. The last couple of years have been some real duds. This year, I want something halfway memorable.

And not memorable because it was so bad...


Monday, December 22, 2008

Welcome to my Blog.

Hello Everyone (which should include nobody, as of now). I was a blogger on Xanga for a long time, since college, then off and on since graduating. I wanted to start blogging again, but felt like I needed something new.

So, here I am.

Now, if you're familiar with my last blog (and you probably shouldn't), you would remember how much of a prissy punk I was. Well, this blog is gonna be different. I am promising CHANGE (which, of course, will come in small bunches in which you may notice and appreciate or won't notice and deride).

This blog, I'm gonna talk about stuff, like Politics (can you tell), Religion, varying interests like movies, music, plays (yeah, right), etc., etc.

Also, if something in my life happens to be of interest, I'll lay it all out. Things like crushes, weird family issues, work, major moves (like buying a house. Not an apartment, not a condo, a damn HOUSE...coming 4/1/09).

And I might throwing the occasional "Oh woest me..." post, but I'll try to be constructive (and if anyone points out that I am going back on my promise of change, I swear, I'm gonna sick my VP on you).

So, this was just a little introduction on what's to come. I hope you laugh, I hope you cry, I hope you take that needle out your eye.