Sunday, December 11, 2011

I wanna get back into the blogging game...

I feel like I have so much to talk about.

1) I can talk about my big plans for 2012. Barbaods, a wedding (not mine), maybe going to Chicago, LA or London (completely by my Goddamn self, because that's how I roll).

2) My dating year in review. Actually, I can do that now. Meet a girl, had many great pre-date conversations, had pretty good first date, *POOF*, she disappeared, stop returning all communication from me. Talk about frustrating...

Should change their name to 'eFuckFuckFuckittyFuck'

3) My assorted crushes and my attempts to do something about them (Long story short...comedy ensued).

4) My brief stint in comedy. From Standup, which is as hard as you think it is, to Improv, which is HARDER than you think it is.

This is the only time in life I will give you credit...

5) My adventures perusing Quibids, looking for deals (and getting screwed in the a well paid pornstar). I can give you this advice: If you're thinking about using it, don't. Just don't...

6) Music, TV, movies...alot of good shit this year. Well, good music, great TV, and I think there was one decent movie.

7) I website I found, which is great...if you like gore, racism, 9/11 jokes and the such. Essentially, a site only for the worse in all of us. And titties...(always relevant).

Not the worse site on the internet...just the worse that doesn't require proxies

8) The state of the world. Occupations, revelations, Tea Party Nations, etc.

9) Looming in the background, a Presidential election. Which is really, really, fucking depressing, if you're paying attention (which is probably why you're not...).

Romney, ever so perfectly, made the face we all make whenever watching a GOP Debate

Now, I've made this declarations before. To start blogging again, then said. "Nuts to this...I'm mobile...". The only problems is, sometimes I make a post and think, "what the hell is this crap? The Internet, which has special sites to see Guys blow transvestite dogs, is telling you to get rid of that shit."

So, will I stick to it? Probably not. Will you care? Probably not. Will I finish this sente...

~ Derek

(PS...if you're reading're in for a treat. This is the only time I will tag a post with 'life' AND 'times'. This happens once a lifetime. Black Presidents happen more often...

Is President Brady gonna have to cut taxes off a bitch?