Saturday, January 23, 2010

You Ever Think About...

...why we feel the need to celebrate every birthday?

I mean, some birthdays I get.

Your 1st birthday, your 13th birthday, 16th, 18th (for the porn...oh, the porn), 21st and every 10 years starting with your 30th.

Those birthdays can be seen as "milestone" birthdays. But all your other birthdays...what are you celebrating?

So Boring...

I mean, of course, when the average person died at 33, making it to 27 can be seen as something of importance. But why do we feel the need to treat the other "non-important" birthdays as something needed for celebration? What are you celebrating, really? The fact that you haven't done something stupid enough to get killed for it? Congratulations! You didn't try to prove that you can jump from that one building in to the pool below! Here's some cake!

I'm telling you, I can make it...

So, what am I saying? Stay home? Do nothing? No, you'd be wrong...


I'm just saying, if you go out every other weekend, don't feel the need to do something "extra special" just because it's your birthday.

And if you're a loser who never goes out, you shouldn't feel bad when you are watching your DVR, alone in your room, in your pajamas, on your 27th birthday.


That's all I'm sayin...


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Does this sound dickish?

So, I saw this video and left the comment below:

"I don't want to sound like a dick, but the man knew where he was. He knows what happens to adulterers. Don't get me wrong, I all against stoning adulterers as their punishment. But he knows where he is. He doesn't want to get stone? Don't cheat. Or don't get married. Or move somewhere else.

Those are some tough choices, especially for those who can't or don't want to leave. But, I figure staying and not cheating is easier than taking a stone to the left temple."

After which, my opinion was criticized. I mean, was that a dickish statement?

Monday, January 4, 2010

NFL Playoff Predictions

The match ups:


#6 Baltimore @ #3 New England
#5 NY Jets @ #4 Cincinnati

#1 Indy & #2 SD have byes


#6 Philly @ #3 Dallas
#5 GB @ #4 Arizona

#1 NO & #2 Minnesota have byes

My Predictions:


Bal over NE
Cin over NYJ

Ind over Bal
SD over Cin

SD over Ind


(The NFC is so much harder because I feel that any team can go to the Super Bowl. I don't even feel comfortable with this selection here):

Phi over Dal
GB over AZ

NO over Phi
Min over GB

Min over NO

Super Bowl XXXIX

SD over Min

Friday, January 1, 2010

How did you spend your New Years?

Did you start off the night right, become the life of the party, become the official photographer, start talking to a pretty lady, go to the bathroom to puke, stumble outside without telling anyone, puke some more, puke on your shirt, pass out in an alley, almost get run over by someone parking their car, sit on some steps, listen out while your friends scream your name, guide them to you, get lead up back inside to a "red" room, pass out again, complain whenever someone turned the light on, get driven home with a plastic trashbag over your head, have a great night sleep and wake up with not even the slightest hint of a hangover?

No? I'll tell you who did:

This guy could have been a great night. Welcome 2010...