Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2012 NFL Off-season.

From here:

New England Patriots: ‎"Team Needs: CB, DE, WR.

Their Super Bowl run proved once again that the Patriots are superbly coached by Bill Belichick and have a great QB in Tom Brady, which allowed them to overcome some personnel deficiencies. The team's biggest problem area is the secondary, where the Patriots had to use wide receiver Julian Edelman late in the season. Their No. 31-ranked pass defense is somewhat misleading, as teams had to throw on the Pats once they fell behind. But the Patriots could not match up for 60 minutes with Eli Manning and his trio of wide receivers, so look for them to draft -- or sign in free agency --corners and another pass rusher. The Pats need to re-sign or, more likely will franchise, free-agent-to-be WR Wes Welker and then add another impact wide receiver or two, while bidding farewell to Chad Ochocinco and perhaps Deion Branch."

Looking at the WR pool, *coughBrandonLloydcough*, I'm looking forward to this off-season! *coughSeeingHowImDesperatelyTryingNotToLookBackSneeze

Plus, last year's second round pick, Ras-I Dowling (who was put on IR early in the season) will be back to help out the secondary. And the Pats have two first round picks and two second round picks (which they will convert into first round picks in 2043). But, hey, they may actually use them. So, yeah, silver lining (because I got nothing else).

I still believe in you!

~ Derek

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