Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been awhile...

...since I've been on this bitch. I was thinking about making a post for a while, but I always said, "fogitabouitit".

But, now, I have something to say.

After watching tons of videos on (check it out!!), I said to myself, "I can do a comedy routine." So, lately, I've been working on one. Basically, the topic of the routine is all the reason why I am a loser (not saying that I am, but if I told you some things about me, anyone would think I was). If I had a comedy special, it would be called "The Winner at Being a Loser." I would make a point to say that all topics are true stories of what has happened to me (to a point). Some topics:

Sex life (or extreme lack thereof) in college
Prostitution & paranoia
Male proposition on online dating site.
Girl I "met" in Montreal
The appreciating of women who engage in anal sex

There are more and each one can be a 4 minute routine by themselves.

I probably won't ever do a show but I might get a decent webcam and put it on youtube. It does get very dirty and gritty, so I wonder how much I can say and still have people look at me the same.

If there are gonna recoil in disgust, I at least hope it's funny.