Monday, January 19, 2009

Real Men vs. Little Boys?

We have all heard women say this. They want real men, not little boys.

But seriously, I don't know how a woman would differentiate between the two.

Maybe that makes me a little boy.

I mean, what does it really mean? How would a woman answer that? I really wish women visited this blog so that I can get an answer.

I mean, do real men co-host dinner parties, take out the trash...without (too much) complaint, call their girls in front of their boys without trying to hide it, pay bills on time, own a car? Are these the hallmarks of a man?

What about a boy? Do boys play Madden, live at home, work steady "professional" jobs with little to no ambition, hang out with their boys for hours without calling their girls? Are these boy tendencies?

What if a guy does things from both lists? Does that make him a boy or a man? Or a hybrid manboy? Is a Manboy better than a boy, but worse than a man? Am I crazy to think that the best a woman can ask for from a man under 35 is a man who can keep his boy in check?

As you can see, I have questions...and I need answers. What ca I say, I'm curious.



  1. Women don't know the difference. That's the problem.

  2. A man make's a woman feel safe. A lot of times, thats what women are looking for and it has a lot to do with their determining factors between men and boys.

    A boy in this context is irresponsible, socially and professionally.


    David H. Grisham

    It might seem kind of silly for girls or women to
    learn what it takes for a boy to grow into a man, but
    it makes perfect sense when you really think about it.
    One of the most critical things in a woman's life will
    be the man in her life. In this world, the man a woman
    chooses, will be the single greatest choice of good or
    evil in her life. He will be the greatest joy or
    sorrow for her depending on the kind of man he
    becomes. A woman's choice of man will affect the rest
    of her life so a woman MUST learn to choose wisely. If
    I sent you into the parking lot with a thousand cars,
    gave you my set of keys, and asked you to drive my car
    to the door, what is the most critical piece of
    information you need to do that? You need a
    description of my car. You'll never find it if you
    don't know what you're looking for. So it is with men.
    How can you find a good man, out of the millions out
    there, if you don't know what the good ones look like?
    So, this is what we'll be looking at today. What does
    a REAL man look like?
    First, let's clear up some misconceptions and
    outright lies that the world tells you about real men.
    Bad boys are NOT real men. They are just bad boys. As
    long as they remain bad, they will remain boys. Women
    don't want a boy, they want a man. They need a man. I
    know a lot of boys in men's bodies. They may be 40 or
    50 years old but they are still just boys that never
    grew up. They cheat, they lie, they run around, they
    manipulate, they get drunk, they use drugs, they beat
    women, simply because boys are selfish. They want what
    they want when they want it and a woman with a boy is
    just another one of his toys. Boys use and abuse, they
    do not nurture and love because they do not know how.
    If a boy says he loves you he is a liar. He is telling
    you that because he wants something from you, usually
    sex. As soon is sex is over, he's off to another toy.
    That is because boys are just playing like little boys
    do. They pretend. If you are living with one out of
    wedlock he may say things like, " marriage is just a
    piece of paper" or some such nonsense. He says these
    things because he is afraid of commitment. He has one
    foot in your bed and another out the door. He's still
    shopping. He will not commit to anything permanent
    like marriage because you are just a temporary sex
    toy. You will someday be replaced and he wants that as
    easy as possible. Divorce is not easy. Again, he is
    only thinking about himself. He is just "playing"
    house because he is still just a boy. Boys will never
    make you happy because they are only trying to make
    themselves happy. They will keep you just happy enough
    to hang around to play with when they want and they
    are jealous of their toys, they don't want any other
    boys playing with you. That is why you might find
    yourself in the brokenheart-makeup cycle. He hurts you
    then he says he's sorry then he hurts you then he says
    he's sorry, etc. It goes on forever. He is just giving
    you enough to stay but not enough to satisfy you
    because he isn't trying to satisfy you. He is
    satisfying himself and just giving you enough to
    barely hang on. If this has happened to you, you're
    with a boy. You need a man.
    To understand a real man you must understand how God
    intended a man to be. God created man in the
    wilderness and then put him in the Garden of Eden. God
    created Eve in the garden. So, men are used to the
    wilderness and they seek it out in their lives. They
    are explorers, adventurers, and conquerors. Boys are
    plunderers, pillagers, and destroyers. The nature is
    there, it is the maturity level that determines which
    direction that nature will go. Men are aggressive
    because God wants heroes. So, aggression is not
    necessarily a bad thing. It just depends where that
    aggression goes. Real men are heroes, boys are
    villains. Good guys or bad guys. Cops or robbers. Good
    men always stand up against bad boys. So, what are
    some signs of a real man?
    Real men commit. They commit to jobs. They commit to
    school. They commit to God. They commit to honor. They
    commit to family. They commit to women. They do this
    because men realize that there are things bigger than
    themselves and the world does not revolve around them.
    They also do this because real men are brave, not
    cowards. They do not fear commitment. They know that
    men have what it takes to overcome and stick to
    whatever they commit to. Real men commit to whatever
    they value. Real men are decisive. Real men give real
    love. They say what they mean and they mean what they
    say. Real men give of themselves. Real men work hard
    because they think that what they are working for is
    important, whether it is a job or a relationship. Real
    men value women. They will sacrifice for you, not make
    you sacrifice your self-respect to stick around. Real
    men want respect because they value it and in turn
    they give respect to you for the same reason. Real men
    lead the way, not hold you back. A real man will swell
    your heart with pride, not break your heart. You will
    be proud of a real man. You will love a real man with
    a passion that comes from your soul. A real man will
    give his life for you and you will know it. It will be
    his daily giving that convinces you that when the
    chips are down he will be there. Real men stick
    around, not run off. A real man values your heart more
    than what's between your legs. If you want a quick and
    easy way to know if a man loves you, it is this; if he
    is willing to put your needs ahead of his own
    desires. If he does that, you have a real man. If not,
    you have a boy. What advice do I give you if you have
    a boy instead of a man? Leave skid marks!