Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Hip Hop...

I've been listening to some new music from some new artists. Check em out...

Currensy - Drug Flow

This beat is nice. This is the type of beat that would take me a week to produce and not even get close to sounding good.

Charles Hamilton - Windows Media Player

The beat is pretty average, if you ask me. But it's made completely of sounds from Windows XP. That's pretty creative!

I absolutely dig this track! The beat is smooth, all while using rough sounds and the flow is great! Plus, the chorus is very catchy.

Stat Quo - Another Level

I love the chorus feel of this beat. Can't help but bump ya head!

On a closing note, Stat Quo released two mixtapes (The Bailout a while back & QuoCity recently), but should have been released as regular albums. Both are quality. I suggest you check them out...if you like hip hop.

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  1. And people say Hip Hop is dead. These people must not have the internet.