Monday, February 8, 2010

Religious Talk with my parents.

So, my parents were talking about Lent. I told my Lent joke which I always find funny:

"You know what I'm giving up for Lent? Religion."

I love this joke!

My Parents...not so much.

I know religion is sensitive for my parents (especially, my father, which is very surprising).

So, I was real careful not to make any of my sarcastic comments, even though there were three distinct opportunities to do so:

1) My Father, after my joke, said I shouldn't make jokes about things like that. I was gonna respond with:

"...this coming from a guy that only goes to church twice a year."

Really. Sometimes only once a year. So, I figured he was just going through the motions. But apparently, he really believes hard. (Can you believe hard?). Also, my mother missed a real opportunity to sucker my father into a few more church visits.

2) Coming off my father's comment, my sister said that "you don't think God has a sense of humor?" I was immediately going to tell the story of Desiree Jennings. I can tell you now, or let the video talk:

For those of you on News Channel 8 (#insidejoke), the video is of a girl who got a flu shot. However, there was a side effect that triggered some disease in which she couldn't walk straight without a stammering and spazzing out. But could walk backwards and run with absolutely no problems with her movement or speech. With that said, my sarcastic comment was gonna be:

"After hearing this story, I completely believe that God exists...and just loves messing with us for laughs."

On a side note, they ended up finding out what was wrong with her and cured her. So, I have no guilt in showing you this clip:

Ah, I'm probably still going to hell.

3) Finally, after hearing my jokes and being slightly annoyed, my mother claimed that she "raise us better than that." I was gonna say:

"Mum, you raised us to be analytical, critical-thinking, individuals, capable of having our own thoughts, making our own decisions. and in that regard, you succeeded."

And I'm sure this probably wouldn't have played over well. So, I held restraint.

I feel like I accomplished something.

Praise Jesus!

OK, she might have raised us to be a little racist, as well.


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