Monday, February 8, 2010

Dems suck

It's over.

It's not entirely their fault. Yes, the country voted them in to do shit. Yes, they can take alot of the blame. They tried to be civil and it didn't work. There's no room for civility in Modern US politics. Most Dems want to be the calm individuals to talk things thru. As oppose to Republican's who use every trick in the book to completely trick the stupid American voter into believing whatever they say. Name calling, lies, etc. It works. Dems tried to play above that and it didn't work.

Now, I saw it's not entirely their fault because this country, at heart, is Center-Right. So, politics is gonna have to play that way. Have you heard about the Liberal Republicans in the House? No, because they don't exist (or they aren't enough of them to form a group). But you have Conservative Democrats. And because they exist, there is a tough time for Democrats to get together on anything. Could you image what we would have right now if Republican's had a Super-majority? All their policies would have passed by July.

But then again, it doesn't matter who is in charged. The entire political process is so far flawed, that the people are gonna get fucked and there isn't much we can do about that, unless the Tea Partyiers make do on their imply threat and attempt to overthrow the country. But I wouldn't trust those guys with my mail, let alone an type of responsibility over others.

In essence...we're fucked.

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