Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Think Kanye is a jerk? Want him dead?

Congratulations, you're worst than him."

I wanted to post this after reading some of the tweets regarding the "RIP Kanye West" hoax on Twitter. Reading some of the things people were tweeting, it kinda annoyed me.

(I was gonna post some of the tweets I was talking about, but this is what I get for posting this a day too late)

Basically, there were a few "He's not dead, but he should be" and "He's not dead, unfortunately" and "Why can't 'RIP Kanye West' be true :("

My headline is for those people.

Now, don't get me wrong, these types of tweets were few and far between. And I bet the ones I read were probably in jest. But for those who were serious or even quasi-serious, I say, "Kanye West is a jerk, an egotistical asshole. You, my friend, are much worse of a human being."

I'm not really for the death penalty (save that for another post) but I understand wanting to put someone to death for the crime of murder. But wishing death on someone for being a jerk/asshole/useless? You're a bigger piece of shit in my book.

Can you imagine? One day, Kanye West is walking in the street. A bus is careening out of control. I jump out and pull Kanye back from certain death. Then some Twitteridiot comes up to me and ask, "why did you do that for?" Their tweets were basically saying the same thing.

If you're one of those people reading this entry and thinking, "Derek, I wish death on you!"

I say, "You're still a bigger asshole. Bask in your Grand Assholeism!"


(I really don't know why I posted this. Just trying to stay up to date, I guess).

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