Monday, February 2, 2009

So, housing hunting sucks...

So, my sister & I have been house hunting for a month. Which is an relatively incredibly short time. But with each house we look at, we get a little more discouraged about what we can afford. Did is probably what those super sap suckers who bought more then they can afford felt. Thinking "we can go 10 grand higher." Then they see that house, realize that they probably have to spend 15-20 grand to fix it up. Next thing you know, they are paying 25-30 grand more than they can afford.

I should probably make sure that doesn't happen to me.

Then I start think about the little joys about owning a house. And by 'joys', I mean extremely, agonizing, annoying anti-perks. You never realize how much a house has to be maintained. Broken heater? That's on you. Pipes need replacing? That's on you! Making sure you house's structure doesn't crumple right under you feet? That's on you!!

At some point, I have to ask, "is it worth it?"

Maybe the Condo route might be better. Getting a condo isn't exactly painless. But if I can afford the fee, why can't someone else take care of that other shit.

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  1. Don't you want your very own toolbox though? lol